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to tonight on world news, breaking news. there has been a mine explosion in west virginia, many are dead and missing. maximum penalty, the government fines toyota for hiding safety defects. earthquake in southern california. does this mean the next big one is coming? and tiger returns. tiger woods at the masters talking about drugs, injuries and the reaction of the crowds. good evening. as we come on the air tonight, we begin with breaking news. a mine disaster in west virginia. at least half a dozen miners confirmed dead.
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many more are missing. david muir has been taking in all the lateers reports. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with the west virginia state police. they confirm the explosion happened at the massey energy upper big branch mine. that is south of charleston. here are the numbers as they're coming into the associated press. x miners killed. 21 unaccounted for. just within the last couple of days, the top federal agency that looks into the mine safety in this country said more needed to be done since sago. the high tech equipment that was called for in these mines in case of accidents like these. now we have this. >> of course 12 people died at sogo four years ago. anything about the number of explosions. >> she says the first call in about half past 2:00.
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state police responded immediately. they are setting up tents. she couldn't confirm the number of explosions nor could she say whether or not six numbers were killed. the numbers are changing as we speak. >> the questn is where are the exits and how do you get to them? can you see and find your way to them? i know you'll be monitoring everything, david. also in the news today, the federal government accused toyota of, in essence, a coverup, proposing to hit the company with a $16 million fine. the announcement said toyota had five days to report problems with sticking gas pedals but instead waited months to take action. to protect millions of drivers. lisa tark has more on what the government says toyota did. >> reporter: according to the federal government toyota knew about the problem of sudden acceleration by september of 2009 but it waited until january of this year to tell the federal
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government. >> i think this is another black eye for toyota, because it shows that the company didn't care about safety. that it covered up the issue in the united states. >> reporter: it wasn't until january that toyota recalled 2.3 million vehicles to fix the sticky accelerator pedals. transportation secretary blasted the automaker for knowingly hiding the defect. he accused toyota of taking action to protect millions of toyota has recalled 6 million vehicles for the sticky pedals and floor mats trapping the accelerator pedal which is blamed for at least five deaths and 17 injuries. in february, toyota's chief executive testified before congress. he insisted the company had not tried to hide anything. >> in the name of the company, its long standing tradition and pride, we never run away from
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our problems or pretend we don't notice them. >> reporter: toyota said we have already taken a number of steps to improve communications with regularities on safety related matters. that's when led to today's record fine. the government says it was very clear that toyota was not forth coming when it came to the sticky pedal issue. investigators continue to look over all the documents. sources said today is just the first blow. toyota could face millions more in fines. diane? >> lisa stark. moving out west, 20 million in southern california and northern mexico faced a day of uncertainty. dozens of aftershocks after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake yesterday, the fourth big quake
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this year including haiti. everyone is asking is this just a coincidence or a sign of a bigger quake to come. david wright in mexicali, mexico tonight. >> reporter: at 3:40 p.m., utter panic in this mexican border town. this camera man could barely keep steady. >> all the ways, you know, and my wife was crying and my kids were scared. >> reporter: for 45 seconds the earth shook, so hard 20 million people could feel it. some more than 300 miles away, in phoenix, las vegas, los angeles, san diego. >> i was like, i'm done. this is the scariest thing i ever experienced. >> reporter: if didn't take long for youtubers to share their experience. it occurred during easter
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dinner. the only tsunamis were the waves in the swimming pools. the most serious damage is downtown. 80% of these older buildings have been red tagged. here in mexicali, the destruction is worse. more than 200 people were injured. a parking structure collapsed, but no one was injured. government buildings are damaged too, but they were empty for the holidays. this is raw sewage spilling into the street, but the workers here are dealing with it. this quake along the laguna salada fault packed a force five times as large as the earthquake in haiti. amazingly, the damage and the death toll were minimal. seismologists tell us there were two things that account for this. the destructive energy was absorbed in largely unpopulated areas of the desert.
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the other is mexico, unlibeling haiti has pretty good building codes. miraculously, only three people were killed despite the enormous size of this thing. >> that is a relief. this big quake was along a small fault called the laguna fault about 60 miles away from the giant san androus fault. this quake does not predict another one on the san androus. >> looking for reassurance, you're saying this is no indication that the big fault is going to have any activity soon? >> no. each earthquake makes another earthquake more likely, but only for a short period of time and only relatively nearby. so we're seeing lots of aftershocks, but we don't see a special impact on the san
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andreas. the fact that we've gone a day since the earthquake .removes the majority of the risk. >> we think we're in a lot of aerks. am i right there are 17 a year around the globe and this is the fourth so far this year? >> that's correct, so we aren't seeing that much more than average. we average one or two magnitude 7s a month. what happened is we happened to have the aerks near where people are, so we're seeing much more impact from the aerks this year but not a real change in the rate. >> again, dr. jones, thanks to you. >> thank you for having me. dr. lucy jones. in pakistan today a brazen attack on the u.s. consulate in person waur. islamic militants 120r78ed the gates unleashing an arsenal.
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four pakistanis were killed. peshawar is dangerous, very dangerous. the gateway through militants pass through. our nick shifman went there. >> reporter: one after another after another. three truck bombs in 14 minutes. inside the consulate, one official told abc news everyone thought they were going to die. outside the consulate five militants got past the check point. they fired into the compound with rocket propelled grenades and automatic weapons until they were killed. the shrapnel was flying past me. all my friends were hit. we were on the scene after the attack. i wore local clothes to be less conspicuo conspicuous. the u.s. admits keeping a
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consulate here is dangerous but is essential. there is a significant presence of intelligence agents at this consulate but they oversee millions of dollars of development aid. the taliban claim the attack was retaliation for cia drone strikes and pakistani military operations which have scattered the taliban and al qaeda leadership, but not enough to thwart today's sophisticated strike on one ofhe most secure compounds in the country. nick schifrin abc news person with our. tiger woods officially returned to golf, the big masters tournament. before the competition begins, he faced a roomful of reporter who asked about everything, including the reaction of the crowds to seeing him for the first time since thanks gichg. jo berman is in augusta, georgia. >> reporter: for tiger woods, it was a day of polite applause, but also pointed questions. >> how did you fool so many people?
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>> tom, i fooled myself as well. as i said, i lied to a lot of people, deceived a lot of people. >> reporter: it was the first time in five months he played golf in front of a crowd. >> it was incredible. the encouragement i got. it blew me away, to be honest with you. >> reporter: it was a different tiger woods on the course today, and re than just the faint trace of a goatee. he smiled at the fans, waved. a far cry from the golfer who ignored fans and was so easily set off by the slightest sound. >> come on. >> just trying to be more respectful of the game and acknowledge the fans like i did today. >> reporter: it was a different tiger woods in front of reporters, too. he cracked open the door a tiny bit on his life, on his wife. on his marriage. >> elin is not coming. >> reporter: on his injuries in the suv crash.
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>> busted up lip and sore neck. >> reporter: though he refused to say if prescription drugs, ambien or vicadin, were involved in the crash. >> the police investigated the accident and cited me $166. closed case. >> reporter: he denied ever using performance enhancing drugs. >> i've never taken that my entire life. i've never taken any illegal drug, ever, for that matter. >> reporter: despite admitting a relationship with a doctor under investigation by the fbi. >> this is one of the most famousurns in any golf course in the world. tiger woods feels more comfortable than any place on earth. the man who has won the masters four times left no ambiguity over what he wants to do this time. >> i am going to go out there and try to win this thing. >> reporter: what they all like to be talking about the rest of the week is golf. diane? >> thank you. when we come back, a world
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tonight he turns to reports about the amazon, questions about fishing trips marketed as sporting adventures. he set out specifically to ask about trips to central and sourk. >> reporter: my producer and i put on hidden cameras and entered the dallas safari club adventure. some promising great parties and beautiful women for a pric >> it's a third world country, you know, it's just -- it's just they're fine looking, good looking, dressed nicely, not your typical, you know, kind of skanky looking thing. >> reporter: we heard that it's not just women you could hook up with but also young girls. when we asked this tour operator about underage girls, at first he refuses. >> yeah, you're going to have
6:47 pm
to -- don't be dploeting that information on e-mail. don't do it. don't even -- don't even talk about it. >> reporter: but when i get him alone the next day, he changes his tune, telling me he knows a guy in costa rica who can make it happen. >> and he'll get it done. i know he -- he can get that done. >> all right. that'sool. >> but it's going to be probably -- it's going to have to be something stupid, you know, stealthy, you know, i ain't going to say anything. >> reporter: federal investigators are looking into possible child sex abuse on tos that take place slout central and south america and also africa. investigators are looking into allegations made by amstonian indian girls as young as 13 who say employees for a fishing tour operator came to their villages and offered them cleaning jobs
6:48 pm
which they accepted because their families needed money. once on the boat they were forced to pose in nude pictures and have sex. these girls who didn't want their faces shown say they were handed string buy bikinis. >> i was forced to have relations with one of the men who was 16 at the time. in this sworn affidavit, another girl who was just 13 at the time says she was impregnated by an american whose name she didn't even know and that afterwards her family threw her out. phil who operates fishing tours in brazil says abusing minors has become a cancer on the entire industry. >> what better way to get away from your wife and have a jeckell and hyde personality? go on a fishing trip to the amazon.
6:49 pm
>> because it sounds innocent. >> that's right. >> he has gathered pictures and video of what he says are underage girls cavorting with american men. that competitor says it'all lies, but listen to what the tour operator i met in dallas has to say about marstellar. >> this is dan harris calling from abc news. >> when we later called the tour operator, he insisted he never helped to provide young girls to anyone and never would have followed through on it with us. at one point in my hidden camera encounter with that tour operator, things got dicy, he stopped the conversation and asked whether i was an fbi agent. i was able to talk my way out of it, but it's a sign of how much anxiety this is causing in the industry. >> thank you, dan. if anyone wants to write, go to our website go to
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it's really hard to save for the future and they've come to a point where it's overwhelming. [ advisor 2 ] oh gee, i'm scared to tell you i've got this amount of credit card debt or i've got a 15-year-old and we never got around to saving for their college. that's when i go to work. we talk, we start planning. we can fix this. i know we can do it. when clients walk out of my office they feel confident about their retirement. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. in washington today, a now 100-year-old tradition was carried on with president obama throwing out the first pitch as the baseball season kicked off. the pitch? high and wide. the president in his own words a little disappointed. we talked with documentarian ken
6:53 pm
bird who did a document on those presidential tries. >> it used to be the presidential decor um and tossing it to the catchers. later on it's this more anxiety producing throwing the christians to the lions kind of event where they have to stroll out there and show what they're made of. >> he's a kid again for a moment. >> i believe it was ronald reagan who had to practice for days and days worried about that first pitch. bill clinton, of all folks was the one who was the first to deliver a pitch to home plate. when william howard taft threw out the first presidential pitch in 1910, you could look at the century that has passed. there was a gentlemen's agreement that barred african-americans from playing in the national past time. today, an african-american threw out the first pitch, one cannot
6:54 pm
describe a more spectacular or accurate arc of american history than what we've just seen. >> you can find the full and fascinating interview with ken burns at our website, >> coming up five years after peter jennings announced he had lung cancer. have smokers changed their ways? trunatural's going gang busters! green families love it. hey man. families with dogs love it... know who else loves trunatural? bobby. second quarter's gonna be a monster. [ adding machine whirring ] [ male announcer ] call 888-trugreen and get a customized plan for a healthy, green lawn, guaranteed. they grow it. i mow it. [ male announcer ] trugreen. go greener.
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and finally, from all of us at abc news, today is a day we remember about a man we never forget. it was five years ago tonight that peter jennings announced a diagnosis. >> i have learned that i have lung cancer. yes, i was a smoker until about 20 years ago and i was weak and i smoked over 9/11. >> reporter: what has happened in the five years since? lung cancer remains the most common fatal cancer, but the death rate is falling faster than for any other cancer. five years later, 20% of americans are still smoking. but the smoking rate among the young is at its lowest. in 2005, there was no national effort to help people quit. but as of tonight, there's a hot line and that hot line got more
6:58 pm
calls than ever last year. tonight, 34 states banned smoking in public places. knowing our captain and colleague, peter probably would have said that's good. now do more. >> that is our report on "world news" tonight, i'm peter jennings, i hope to see you again tomorrow night. >> for peter and all of us, hope to see you again tomorrow. good night. troy reiners manages nebraska's child support program. he doesn't have time for lost checks.
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